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The Chadwick Library Edition is an endeavor to republish—mostly in new or thoroughly revised English translations—a number of the written works of Rudolf Steiner. The Edition is named after the late horticulturist Alan Chadwick, whose life and work has served as inspiration to the small group from whence the idea originated.

There are several goals to this Edition:

  • to publish hardcover English translations in a form that enables the books to become family keepsakes, worthy of being passed from generation to generation;
  • to create books that are comfortable in the hand and to the eye;
  • to arrange the pagination and typography in a way that facilitates ease of reading and encourages the words to lift off the page to the reader;
  • to provide translations that achieve a balance between literal faithfulness and fluidity in the interpretation from German to English;
  • to publish a total of 12 volumes from among Rudolf Steiner's core written works.

The series is now complete, and includes:

  • The Case for Anthroposophy, Vol. 1 (CW 21)
  • Goethean Science – Part I, II, III, Vol. 2 (CW 1)
  • Mystics at the Dawn of the Modern Age, Vol. 3 (CW 7)
  • The Riddles of Philosophy – Part I, II, Vol. 4 (CW 18)
  • The Threshold of the Spiritual World, Vol. 5 (CW 17)
  • A Path to Self-Knowledge, Vol. 6 (CW 16)
  • Theosophy, Vol. 7 (CW 9)
  • Knowledge of the Higher Worlds, Vol. 8 (CW 10)
  • The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity, Vol. 9 (CW 4)
  • Christianity as Mystical Fact and the Mysteries of Antiquity, Vol. 10 (CW8)
  • Goethe’s Theory of Knowledge, Vol. 11 (CW 2)
  • An Outline of Spiritual Science – Part I, II, III, Vol. 12 (CW 13)



Martino Mardersteig, Book Designer – Thomas O’Keefe, Editorial Director Chadwick Library Press  – Riccardo Pinali – President, Opero SRL
Martino Mardersteig, Book Designer – Thomas O’Keefe, Editorial Director Chadwick Library Press  – Riccardo Pinali – President, Opero SRL

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